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Making the decision to commence psychotherapy is the first step toward health and well-being. Psychotherapy is a commitment. Remember that the greatest journey is the one inward. For convenience, appointments are scheduled at the same time every week. Making sure that the office is convenient from your work or home will ensure your ability to make your weekly office appointments with greater ease.  Phone sessions are an option for those individuals where distance, work hours, and other obstacles exist.

The psychotherapy services provided are not covered by OHIP. Placing a value on your well-being requires a financial commitment. Some private health insurance plans do cover psychotherapy therefore it is worth exploring. Your outer world reflects your inner world. The brain is neuroplastic meaning it is continually changing. Psychotherapy will help you refocus your mind and reshape your brain. The benefits of understanding yourself cannot be understated.  Mastery of oneself is a great gift.

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Alliance Psychotherapy Services offers a warm and caring environment. Your health and well-being is of utmost importance to me. It is through compassionate informative therapy that psychological healing and transformation occurs. Affordable fees make psychotherapy more manageable financially. A comfortable waiting room with a variety of teas, distilled water, and plenty of reading material awaits you should you arrive early for your appointment. Knowledge leads to change.

My many years of clinical experience and continuing education has permitted me to gain greater understanding of the complexities of the mind and brain. As Editor-In-Chief of Mental Notes Magazine I have been fortunate to acquaint myself with the most current international research in psychology, behavioural science, medicine, and neuroscience. I incorporate a multi-faceted approach in my clinical practice examining the interplay between behavioural, psychological and social factors.

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Free Therapy Session

The therapeutic relationship between client and therapist is a very important. Feeling comfortable and secure with your therapist permits honesty and openness to govern therapy sessions and broadens the therapeutic journey. This is the reason I offer a free consultation.

I strongly believe that psychotherapy is a partnership which leads to psychological healing and eventual mental well-being. You will typically know within the free first half hour of our consultation whether you feel we are a good therapeutic match which. It is important that you feel understood and feel that you will gain insights in to your mind.

Our work together is significant in leading to a positive therapeutic outcome. I welcome the opportunity to discuss your concerns and answer your questions. Call today to arrange a free 30 minute no obligation consultation. Free office consultations are by appointment only. To arrange a free no obligation appointment call 416-656-4752.  There is street parking and the office is very close to the TTC.

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Free Phone Session

Telephone psychotherapy can be useful for clients with geographical or other obstacles to regular in-office appointments. Phone therapy is a viable option for busy professionals. Even in a distant city or town one can always receive help from an emotionally present experienced mental health professional like myself. I have worked with individuals with medical issues that restrict them from coming in.

New mothers often struggle with the transition of having baby or young children. Sometimes old buried memories and emotions are awakened during pregnancy. Phone therapy is a very effective alternative for mothers.

Telephone therapy is comparable to face-to-face meetings. The opportunity to discuss your concerns and answer your questions is welcomed. Call today to arrange for a free 30 minute no obligation consultation. Free telephone consultations are by appointment only. To arrange a free no obligation appointment call 416-656-4752.