Phone Therapy

Phone Therapy


Phone Counselling


The telephone has been accepted as an important therapeutic tool in medical diagnostics and treatment, crisis intervention, suicide prevention, and community hot lines.


Phone psychotherapy can be useful for clients with geographical or other obstacles to regular appointments. If you travel frequently, you can still keep regular therapy appointments, wherever you happen to be. Even in a distant city or town one can always maintain connectedness to an emotionally present mental health professional like myself.


I work with many individuals in high demand professions that because of time restrictions in-office visits are not feasible.  Telephone therapy is comparable to face-to-face meetings.


Phone Counselling


Phone Therapy

For New Mothers


We are living in a changing and highly mobile culture making phone therapy a viable option to traditional therapy. If you have childcare or transport difficulties; living long distances from my clinical premises you must appreciate that phone therapy is as effective as in-office visits.


Being a new mother can be very challenging.  You may have had a difficult childbirth and may be in the process of physically healing.  If one’s identity was associated with working and socializing you may find that staying home very lonely.  New mothers can be exhausted form continually attending to the baby’s needs particularly if you have a fussy baby.  Not having time for self-care and doing things for yourself can be difficult.


Being a new mom is a transitional phase.  Many women feel anxious, others feel depressed, and many are tired, irritable and angry.   Psychologically working through your emotions are critical to overcoming them.


Phone Sessions


Phone Sessions

For Agoraphobia


If you are feeling too anxious, lethargic or depressed to go anywhere you should consider the benefits of phone sessions.  If you suffer with Agoraphobia which an Anxiety Disorder you may feel uncomfortable leaving your home fearful of panicking.   Learning to relate to yourself and your environment in a positive fashion is critical to your well-being.


Phone therapy can help you come to discover what has lead to the development and evolution of your symptoms.  Coming to know your mind and body is helpful in managing symptoms.


I have worked with many individuals on the phone helping them to effectively gain insights into their mind.


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